Taxis are a practical and convenient way to get around Agia Napa and the surrounding area. The taxi drivers in Agia Napa are known for their business acumen. People are often approached at the bus stop to offer rides.

Taxi prices

Taxi prices in Cyprus are set by law. Taxidrivers are required to use a taximeter to calculate the correct price. During the day, the price is 0.95 € per kilometer, plus a basic fee of €3.80. At night, the price increases to 1.10 € per kilometer, plus a basic fee of 4.80 €. Thus, the prices are significantly cheaper than in Germany. Nevertheless, for shorter trips, a flat rate is often agreed upon.

If you want to book a taxi in advance, Taxi Leader offers a practical solution. With Taxi Leader, one can reserve the ride in advance, so that the taxis ready on time at the agreed time. Another advantage is that the cost is fixed in advance. This way, you have full control over your travel budget.

An extra long cab in Agia Napa
An extra long cab in Agia Napa

The taxi in Agia Napa is especially suitable for those who want to reach places that are not accessible by bus. The bus is usually a much cheaper option as the fares are lower. Also, buses run at short intervals during the day, so you never have to wait long for a bus.

The taxi is especially worthwhile if you are traveling with many people. In the bus, each person has to pay separately. In a taxi, on the other hand, you always pay the same price, regardless of how many people are traveling with you. This can be especially advantageous when traveling in a larger group.

Extra Long Taxis

There are also Extra Long Taxis in Agia Napa, which allow you to take even more people with you. These taxis are especially popular with many tourists. This is a good option if you are traveling with a large group and want to keep everyone together. The converted Mercedes sedans are comfortable and offer passengers a pleasant driving experience. With their spacious interiors and comfortable seats, they are ideal for longer trips or excursions around Agia Napa.