Agia Napa is not only known for its beautiful beaches and vibrant nightlife, but also for its world-class bike paths. With a well-developed network of bike paths, Agia Napa offers a safe and enjoyable way to explore the area during cycling tours.

A great advantage of the bike paths in Agia Napa is that you usually do not have to ride on the road. This makes cycling safer and more enjoyable, as you don’t have to share the traffic with cars. However, it is important to note that just like on the roads, there is left-hand traffic on the bike paths. So if another cyclist is coming towards you, you should take this into account.

The well-developed bike paths in Agia Napa are ideal for cycling tours
The well-developed bike paths in Agia Napa are ideal for cycling tours

The area around Agia Napa is relatively flat and therefore ideal for cycling. There are only occasional small climbs along the coast, but these should not be a problem for most cyclists. The gentle topography allows cyclists to enjoy the beautiful scenery without having to worry about strenuous climbs.

Bicycles can be rented cheaply in Agia Napa, for example at Rainbow Rentals. There is also the possibility to rent e-bikes, but they are a bit more expensive. E-bikes are a great option to cover longer distances or to tackle the hills along the coast more easily.

Guided cycling tours

For those who prefer to cycle in a group, guided tours are also offered. One recommended tour is the one to Cape Greko, offered by Musement. Cape Greko is a stunning nature reserve with rocky shores, crystal clear waters and abundant wildlife. A guided tour offers not only the opportunity to experience the beauty of this area, but also to gain interesting information about the history and culture of the region.

Whether cycling alone or in a group, Agia Napa offers cyclists a wonderful way to explore the area. With a well-developed network of bike paths, flat terrain and the possibility to rent bikes at reasonable prices, Agia Napa is a paradise for cyclists.