Agia Napa offers the perfect base to travel by bus to Northern Cyprus and explore the fascinating northern side of the island. Especially the historical sites like Varosia, Salamis and Kyrenia attract visitors from all over the world. The best way to get from Agia Napa to Northern Cyprus by bus is to use the Deryneia border crossing. Bus lines 501 and 502 run between Agia Napa and Deryneia, taking you comfortably to your destination.

Bus line 501 runs counterclockwise from Deryneia (Green Line) via Frenaros and Liopetri to Agia Napa. It then returns to Deryneia via Paralimni. Bus line 502, on the other hand, runs clockwise from Deryneia (Green Line) via Paralimni to Agia Napa and then via Liopetri and Frenaros back to Deryneia.

Bus connection from Agia Napa to Derynia
Bus connection from Agia Napa to Derynia

Schedules (Bus to Northern Cyprus)

The exact schedules can be downloaded from the website of the bus company OSEA. The times indicated there are the departure times at the Deryneia (Green Line) start stop. The buses run approximately every hour from Monday to Sunday.

Busfahrplan Linie 501 nach Deryneia
Busfahrplan Linie 502 nach Deryneia


Bus tickets can be purchased from the bus driver for cash (Euro). However, card payments are not possible. If you have already bought a day ticket for bus lines 101 and 102, it is also valid for bus lines 501 and 502. Otherwise, a day ticket for 5.00 € or two separate tickets for the outward and return journey for 1.50 € each is a good option.

Deryneia border crossing

Note that there is passport control at the border on both the Greek Cypriot side and the Northern Cypriot side. German citizens only need their identity card or passport, a visa is not required. It should be noted that Northern Cyprus does not have its own bus network. However, once you reach the northern Cypriot side, you can ask the border officials to call a taxi for you.

Once you have crossed the border, you can explore the beauty and history of the northern Cypriot side of Cyprus. From historical sites like the ancient city of Salamis and the ghost town of Varosha to picturesque coastal towns like Kyrenia, there is much to discover.